Getting Started with Moodle on CRTeacher

A concise overview to help new CRTeacher subscribers build their course(s) and enroll students.

If you are ready to start learning how to use all of the features contained within Moodle, we recommend that teachers start with the online article Course homepage.

Course full name & short name
You can change the course long and short names yourself in courses where you are assigned the teacher role. Enter the desired course and then:

  1. Go to the Setings block and click on Course adminstration>Edit Settings.
  2. On the resulting screen, you will see these two fields near the top of the page. When done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save changes button.

Fee-based enrollment
Moodle does support using PayPal™ to charge students to enroll in a course. However, all payments from a single Moodle site must be directed to a single PayPal™ account. Thus, we are unable to allow each CRTeacher subscriber the ability to charge students for access to their hosted courses. However, upgrading to a shared Moodle hosting account will provide you with your own unique Moodle site where fee-based enrollment options are available.

Course requests

Each teacher may have up to five (5) course accounts for use with up to 150 students, or ~30 students per course. The Course Creation block is available on the upper left side of the screen on the CRTeacher home page, as long as you are a teacher in good standing of any course on this Moodle site. Click on the Request a course link and fill out the form to complete your course request.

If you are not currently a CRTeacher subscriber with the ability to author and deliver online courses, you may subscribe at any time in order to become one.

Student self-enrollment
Self-enrollment allows your students to create their own user accounts and enroll in your course(s). Not only will this save you time, but since self-enrollment requires authentication by email, your students will also be able to independently reset their password in case it is ever forgotten or lost.

To allow student self-enrollment, enter the desired course and then:

  1. Go to the Setings block and click on Course adminstration>Users>Enrollment methods.
  2. To activate self-enrollment, click on the Show/Hide icon and then click on the Edit/Update icon.
  3. Configure self-enrollment as desired (see and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save changes button.

To aid you in this process, we have prepared student self-enrollment instructions handout which you may adapt and freely distribute to your students.

Creating and enrolling students by file upload
Firstly, note that it is usually not necessary to import users in bulk - it is often better to first explore forms of authentication that do not require manual maintenance, such as letting users create their own accounts. However, if your students do not have access to email, you will need to prepare and submit a .csv file that can be used to create and enroll students in your courses.

Backup & Restore Moodle Courses
If you have already created a course on another Moodle site you can load a copy of it to your CRTeacher course. First, make a backup of the course and then download it to your local PC. You may then upload the backup file to your CRTeacher course so that you can restore it. Teachers are unable to make course backup files containing any student data, or create or import roles using restore.

Last modified: Saturday, November 5, 2016, 3:33 PM