• Welcome to NCDA's Facilitating Career Development Training!

    Welcome to our journey together!

    We will be learning about career development and what that means for our clients. 

    We will also learn about ourselves and learn from each other throughout this course. I am excited and cannot wait to get started! 

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    I cannot wait to see pictures of all of you and learn more as you create your profiles!

    About Your Instructor: Charise Wilson, MS, CPRW, GCDF-I

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    Me and Hubby

    My dog Remy

    "You cannot go far alone. You enjoy your journey better if you have people by your side." 

    -Karan Patel


Week 8: Designing and Implementing Career Planning Services

  • Week 8: Designing and Implementing Career Planning Services

    This chapter will help you to have a clear program design for planning and delivering career services.

    This week you will:

    • Read chapter 9 in the manual.
    • Prepare a one-page outline of a new program or content you plan to implement (or redesign) for your organization. This will serve as your outline for your final presentation.
    • Be prepared to test your knowledge in our face-to-face session this week. You will complete an open book Transfer of Learning Chapter Quiz.