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  • Welcome to NCDA's Facilitating Career Development Training!

    Welcome to our journey together!

    We will be learning about career development and what that means for our clients. 

    We will also learn about ourselves and learn from each other throughout this course. I am excited and cannot wait to get started! 

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    About Your Instructor: Charise Wilson, MS, CPRW, CCSP, GCDF-I

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  • Week 1: Getting Started


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    Welcome to week 1 of your course!

    Please remember to bring your manual, a small journal or notebook and, if you wish, your laptop to all face-to-face meetings.  A laptop is not required.  

    Prior to our first meeting please access the system, review and e-sign your student agreement, and review links and schedules. We will review all the PowerPoint lessons during our face-to-face sessions.

    Completion of this course qualifies an individual to apply for two credentials:

    At the end of our course, we will talk about both of these credentials and others that might interest you. You may also qualify for additional NCDA credentials. Go to NCDA credentials to learn more.

    This training is designed for individuals working in many different kinds of diverse career development settings such as higher education, workforce development, K-12, and other business sectors.  We will learn about tools, resources, theories, and career information to help you to continue to serve your clients in the best way possible. 

    ***Please note, if you are having trouble with your course, technology, or you simply have questions about the course, please email me at charise@wfrsllc.com or call (401) 526-9090 and I will generally respond within 24 hours. My goal is to help you to be successful in the course. Don't panic! Sometimes technology has a mind of its own! We can figure things out together. 

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  • Week 2: Developing a Helping Relationship

    This chapter is the foundation of building relationships with clients.  This week we will cover information from Chapter 1 in the manual.

    Your assignments for this week:

    • Read Chapter 1 in the manual
    • Complete the forum assignment below
    • Test your knowledge by completing as many of the scenarios in your book as you can

    *Note: You will be tested on this information if you are planning to earn your CCSP credential. Pay close attention to the scenarios and exercises outlined.

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  • Week 3: Training and Leading Groups

    This week we will cover Chapter 2 in your manual. This chapter will help you to appreciate how to work with clients in a group setting and how to be more strategic in your approach.  

    Your assignments for this week:

    • Read Chapter 2 in the manual
    • Complete the managing and enhancing group settings assignment 
    • Be prepared to discuss during our 1:1 meeting
    • Continue to test your knowledge by reviewing and completing the scenarios in your book 

    Assignment: 1
  • Week 4: Career Development Theory

    This week we will cover information from Chapters 3 in the manual. You will learn more about the history of our profession and how it relates to the work that you do today.

    Your assignments for this week:

    • Read Chapter 3 in the manual
    • Complete the assignments below
    • Continue to test your knowledge by reviewing and completing the scenarios in your book 

    *This information will be on the CCSP assessment take time to understand these theories and how you would recommend one of these and how you would utilize these as a career development professional

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  • Week 5: The Role of Assessment in Career Planning

    This chapter is an important foundational one for your practice.  In this chapter, you will learn about choosing assessments to meet your clients' needs.  Be sure to try some of the assessments that are linked to this topic.  

    Your assignments for this week:

    • Read Chapter 4 in the manual
    • Complete the journal assignment below
    • Continue to test your knowledge by reviewing and completing the scenarios in your book 
    *Review this information and consider whether or not you would administer an assessment in a real-world setting with a client or student. This chapter covers information that will be on the CCSP assessment.

    Assignment: 1
  • Week 6: Ethics and Multicultural Populations

    This week, we will discuss:

    Chapter 5, which focuses on our ethical obligations and the requirements we all share as career development professionals. We will also consider, Chapter 6, which discusses the importance of understanding diversity and multiculturalism and how we can contribute to an inclusive, trusting, empathetic, and open view of the clients that we serve. 

    Your assignments for this week:

    • Read chapters 5 & 6 in the manual.
    • Complete the journal assignment below.
    • Interview a person with a different background than your own in order to increase your cultural understanding. Be prepared to briefly highlight/discuss what you discovered (Use worksheet embedded for guidance).
    • Continue testing yourself with scenarios and by reviewing content in these chapters

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  • Week 7: Career Information & Technological Resources

    This week you will explore the role of technological resources in the career planning process. 

    Your assignments for this week:

    • Read chapter 7 in your manual.
    • Review at least one career website that is unfamiliar to you.
    • Be prepared to discuss what you discovered in our face-to-face session.

  • Week 8: Job Seeking and Employability Skills

    This chapter is at the heart of what we do in career development. Preparing our clients for successful job interviews and providing them with job-seeking tools is instrumental.

    This week you will:

    • Read chapter 8 in the manual
    • Call a local Job Service office and follow the questions listed in your book under Appendix S-3 (Networking with Job Placement Services)
    • Be prepared to discuss resume, interviewing, and networking strategies in our session
    • Test your knowledge with the information outlined in your manual

    *This information will be on the CCSP assessment, review the scenarios in this chapter carefully and consider how you would provide clients or students with these resources or how you would implement these skills in a real-world setting.

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  • Week 9: Designing and Implementing Career Planning & Employer Relations

    This week we will cover Chapter 9, which will help you to create a clear program design for planning and delivering career services. We will also cover Chapter 10 and learn how workforce development and economic development are aligned and how they play a part in business (employer) services.

    This week you will:

    • Read Chapters 9 and 10 in the manual.
    • Prepare a one to two-page outline of a new program or content you plan to implement (or redesign) for your organization. This will serve as your outline for your final presentation. You may use the Program Planning Worksheet in Appendix S-2 p. 9-45 for this or follow outline below:

    1. Environmental Scan
    2. Target Population
    3. Needs
    4. Stakeholders 
    5. Measurable Objectives/Outcomes
    6. Evaluation
    7. Program Content Delivery
    8. Resources
    9. Barriers
    10. Marketing Your Program
    11. Deliver the Program
    12. Revised and Evaluate

    This week you will also:

    • Briefly review and consider how you would prepare a candidate for an employer match. 
    • You will bring your outline to class to discuss.
    • Be prepared to test your knowledge in our face-to-face session this week. 

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  • Week 10: Clients with Disabilities and Justice-Involved

    You will learn important strategies for working with clients with disabilities and clients that are justice-involved. 

    This week you will:

    • Read chapters 11 and 12 in the manual.
    • Request and review your employer's reasonable accommodations policy. 
    • Review a re-entry model and consider how you might work with someone justice-involved.
    • Be prepared to share what you discovered about your organization's reasonable accommodations policy and a re-entry model you reviewed.
    • Test your knowledge with the information outlined in your manual.

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  • Week 11: K-12 and Workforce | Career Development History

    This chapter will cover the unique differences between working with adults compared to working with K-12 students.

    This week you will:

    • Read Chapters 13 and 14 in the manual.
    • Prepare a list of similarities and differences between career advising for K-12 students versus adult populations.
    • What did you learn about Workforce and Career Development History? Bring notes to class.
    • Continue to prepare for your virtual presentation next week.
    • Test your knowledge with the information outlined in your manual.

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  • Week 12: Your Final Presentation and Review

    Final Week!

    Make sure that you have completed all of the assignments in this eLearning Platform. Please email your final presentation to charise@wfrsllc.com for review and to receive full credit. Please also email how you would like your name spelled on your certificate of completion for this course.

    This week you will:

    • Review how to apply for NCDA CCSP and GCDF credentials (review videos and study guides below). 
    • Be prepared to present your final 8-10 minute PowerPoint during our face-to-face session.

    Review the video:


    Review the video:


    Review the CCSP study guide