Everyone has a story to why not tell it?  This eight-week course is a hands on intensive workshop on how to make documentaries by focusing on a five-minute short film. The class will center around research in which students will find a subject (person) who has a intriguing story to tell - it can be an anecdote or can be a q&a between the subject and the filmmaker. Students will interview the subject while also investigating their background and gathering what other images and information can be used to tell the person's story. They'll also learn interviewing techniques, shooting b-roll, how to use inserts and finally cutting the interview together, using the choices available to them to create a compelling short doc. PREREQUISITE: Students should have a camera and editing software to use during the course. They should at least have basic point and shoot camera skills as well as basic editing skills. If students do not have access to broadcast quality cameras, we will allow iPhone/Android and other cameras in which the HD video can be edited on their personal computers. However, it should be noted that sometimes these short documentaries do really well in film festivals and thus shooting on a lower quality camera could eliminate such films from consideration. Please note: this is not a production class on how to shoot and edit but rather how to capture a true life story using documentary techniques.