Success is a direct result of clearly stated goals supported by a plan of action that is carried out within time constraints.

Current Conditions

In a way it can be said that we are all aboard the Titanic. It's dark, cold, and everyone just felt a jolt.

The passengers/players are not concerned. They paid their fare and are along for the ride/prizes.

The entertainers/charities are stressing. Something is very wrong. They can feel it.

The ships crew/distributors are rushing around the ship looking for the problem. Crew members are coming face to face with what appears to be several leaks; some small, some big gushers.

The captain/lottery absolutely knows the ship is sinking. A wide variey of leaks/problems have been reported.

Where does the captain start?

That is what this presentation/opinion is all about.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration of the ideas presented.